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Self respect or the fashion crime

My various walks into town the last couple of weeks of a lunchtime have brought many good things, but one thing I have noticed is that some Canterbury college students seem happy to destroy any credibility and self respect in an attempt to look cool.

Sadly it would appear that they seem to be a tad blinkered when it comes to looking in the mirror before leaving the house, either that or their friends and family take great joy at the abysmal attempt at styling.

If it’s not the clothing it’s the ‘haircuts’, some styles just don’t look right on certain people and sad to say the extremely larger members of society. Would it not be better to have something that suits rather than gives an opportunity  for people to look in disbelief, because ultimately no one wants to see the overhang trying to make Itself known to the public.

Some things are best kept hidden away for all our sakes. It may very well be the 21st century, but self respect is something that doesn’t disappear.

Of course whilst the young generation can be making a complete pigs ear of their styling attempt, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for the the older generation to have its say. Dying your hair a multitude of colours, wearing clothes for those 30 years younger is not good, it’s not pleasant and in fact cringeful at times. The same with the make up, unfortunately there’s no amount of make up that can reduce your senior appearance. Making yourself look like a walking London Underground map is completely undignified and a sad outlook.  You had your time, let someone else enjoy it.

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Dental appointments: Can it be that difficult

So last week I receive a letter from my dental surgery saying that I was due a routine check up. So today I phone up and eventually get through. I seem to be speaking to the worlds worst receptionist. Not only that possibly the worst dentist ever, which I thought couldn’t be possible. Previous dentist was only in Monday and Thursday. This new dentist is Monday and Friday, ooh the agony of choice. Anyway, eventually after being put on hold as the woman pretends that she knows what she is doing I get given a time.

A few minutes later I realise that the time isn’t suitable after all and so phone back. Not fortunate to get the lady I spoke to previously, I find myself talking to the soon to be crowned, worlds worst receptionist. Giving my date of birth I thought could never be that difficult..oh how wrong was I. I got August, I got the birth year of 1937. This was after she said this was the first time….The best bit was still to come as she asked when was best for me. I said well my dentist is only in Monday and Friday, to which she replied oh he’s in every day, do you not want to see him. I replied a bit surprised, not its fine.

It seems that somewhere along the line, someone has screwed up. Either the first receptionist got it wrong, or the second one did and the person they will be expecting will not be me. So she named a date, 8th October, oh that’s today. I mean really? Where do they find these people. Eventually I get given the 17th of October, I was relieved that such simple request could be over after having taken so long.

Now though I wait for the fun. My practice operates a text reminder service, so I will be waiting with interest either tomorrow or Friday to see whether I get a reminder. That’s of course unless someone else gets a reminder they aren’t expecting.

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old friends,new friends and fun time with Izzy

I There is nothing better than catching up with people you havent seen in a long time…well fourteen years is somewhat of a long time. Anyway, a chance conversation resulted in a table for two in Ty-8. Never been there before, been past it many of times, wondered what it would be like inside, but finally on Friday I managed to pay a visit. I have to say that I certainly wasnt disappointed. The food was great. Having been quite hungry before going out, by the time we had finished with a few dishes later, we were certainly stuffed. For those who are not aware of Ty-8, it’s a good little restaurant with its mix of Asian, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai dishes, with those suitable for vegetarians. The food came out cooked and hot and you knew that you certainly wouldnt be leaving with the inevitable appearance of food poisoning. Service was also good and I would highly recommend it.

Whilst it’s always good to catch up with old friends, its always good to expand your friendship circle. Have certainly done that recently as Ive met some great folk, with a great sense of humour to boot, always good when you are also on the same humour wavelength. These kind of friendly collisions can only end up heading towards much laughter at sometimes the most random and silliest of things out there.

Last weekend I spent some time with my lovely little niece Izzabella. I promised her earlier in the year that I would take her out. It doesn’t need much to entertain Izzy as she is great at entertaining herself. She is neither one for asking for great expensive things either. When I asked where she would like me to take her, she simply said, the park. How easy is that? So to the park and climbing trees and climbing frames, my Izzabella wasn’t impressed and told me to get down…seriously though in a day where it’s seemingly tv shows to watch, Izzy would rather be enjoying herself outside wherever that maybe. It’s a refreshing change and positive one at that. Now that we’ve ticked off local parks, adventures further afield for my mini adventurer and myself are on the cards.

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Blog naming, birthdays, egg v bread and future recruits

Well hello there. This is a brand new blog which will allow me to share my thoughts, opinions, musings, reviews, blogs to read etc. I hope to keep it updated regularly with various things, even possibly on a daily basis. This is likely to be random and crazy but hey, the quiet life isn’t quite the same. To be honest though, the planning and creation of this blog took some effort. Original blog name ideas were out of use whether it be blogger or WordPress. Even to the fact of using my first and second name didn’t bring much hope and it didn’t quite work as there were other inconsiderate bloggers called Matt Doy, who chose to take the blogging game.

So Monday, my good mate Darren messages me to confirm when my birthday is and checks that it is a week Friday, as he has ordered my present. Instead of me replying and saying yep, a week Friday, I actually had to check the calendar to confirm. Since when did that bloody happen. I used to get excited about the arrival of my birthday but now cant even remember which day it’s on. Safe to say it is a Friday…..I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. Just to add to the impending birthday delights, I was sitting on the loop bus (Thanet’s favourite nightmare journey) and I looked up and one of the adverts was for free health checks from the age of 40. Joy just what I have to look forward to. Also they are every 5 years apparently, that will be something to look forward to.

The way to a good office environment is to have good working relationships and banter. This is certainly the case where I work. Monday brought the office and surrounding departments a whole new level of discussion. Would we be discussing the latest tv viewing, the latest changes to policy? No, the great debate was which would fill you up more? An egg or a slice of bread. This brought much discussion and debate as a simple discussion evolved to was it white or brown bread, how did you eat the egg etc. Even stretching beyond to the Thanet office where the opinion was sought. I think egg was the winner in the end, but it did bring great amusement and discussion. Sadly one of the instigators, Becky will be leaving at the end of the week. Will not be the same and a little quieter, so Emily will have to raise the debate game even further. I may have to start watching Friends too, just to make sure that I can keep in touch with the banter lol. Maybe the employment requirements should include Friends and 24 along with the ability to ponder and ask random questions.We will have to wait and see in a few weeks time, when our new colleague starts. We will find out the nature of the new recruit. One thing that will be a bonus for the newbie is if they like cake and fudge and if they do, then they may very well need to throw that diet plan out the window or find themselves joining the merry band of runners from the Canterbury office.

So the inaugural posting of The Musings of Matt has completed its first outing, my bed beckons before I fall asleep on the laptop and look forward to the next instalment of the Musings of Matt Doy