old friends,new friends and fun time with Izzy

I There is nothing better than catching up with people you havent seen in a long time…well fourteen years is somewhat of a long time. Anyway, a chance conversation resulted in a table for two in Ty-8. Never been there before, been past it many of times, wondered what it would be like inside, but finally on Friday I managed to pay a visit. I have to say that I certainly wasnt disappointed. The food was great. Having been quite hungry before going out, by the time we had finished with a few dishes later, we were certainly stuffed. For those who are not aware of Ty-8, it’s a good little restaurant with its mix of Asian, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai dishes, with those suitable for vegetarians. The food came out cooked and hot and you knew that you certainly wouldnt be leaving with the inevitable appearance of food poisoning. Service was also good and I would highly recommend it.

Whilst it’s always good to catch up with old friends, its always good to expand your friendship circle. Have certainly done that recently as Ive met some great folk, with a great sense of humour to boot, always good when you are also on the same humour wavelength. These kind of friendly collisions can only end up heading towards much laughter at sometimes the most random and silliest of things out there.

Last weekend I spent some time with my lovely little niece Izzabella. I promised her earlier in the year that I would take her out. It doesn’t need much to entertain Izzy as she is great at entertaining herself. She is neither one for asking for great expensive things either. When I asked where she would like me to take her, she simply said, the park. How easy is that? So to the park and climbing trees and climbing frames, my Izzabella wasn’t impressed and told me to get down…seriously though in a day where it’s seemingly tv shows to watch, Izzy would rather be enjoying herself outside wherever that maybe. It’s a refreshing change and positive one at that. Now that we’ve ticked off local parks, adventures further afield for my mini adventurer and myself are on the cards.


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