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A little goes a long way

Recently I had a blog that I had written regarding my depression along with my thoughts an observations regarding the mental health issues. Well the other day I was chatting to an old friend and the blog was brought up. She said that she has read it and it helped her to get an understanding of what was going through her partners mind.

What had initially started as something to help get my focus back and help others.had been read by various people, who had also been supportive. Some people had thought it was a bit personal to share on the Internet, but it wasn’t just about me it would be about various aspects and mindsets.

Anyway my old friend, who will remain anonymous out of respect, had said it helped her to understand. Whilst it would normally be something to celebrate, in this case it was not. Knowing someone else is suffering with depression or mental health issues, is never nice and never something you would wish upon someone. How I did feel though was a sense of positivity in that A few words and thoughts about my situation has enabled someone to be able to understand what their partner is going through.

If by helping one other person, that person can be there for their partner/family member and get a better understanding, then that is one person dealing with mental health, who has a greater ability to help someone else. It only takes one person to start a journey but many can finish it.

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One obstacle kicked to touch

Having decided to close my blog looking at my journey with depression as well as looking at different aspects of depression, I thought I would share some more positive aspects of my journey. Saturday 8th November was the long awaited gig for the Steve Rothery Band album tour. It was something that I had bought tickets for ages ago and was something to target. The time following that was very topsy-turvy and there would be occasions when I really couldn’t face doing stuff. It was literally a roller coaster ride. Many ups and downs. Despite being something I was really looking forward to and likelihood of it being a once in a life time experience, two days before the gig, I was getting nervous and doubts in my mind. The thing is it wasnt me I would be letting down if I didn’t go. Friday evening and my frame of mind was clear, there was no doubts, I was excited I couldn’t wait. Not even the threat of rain was going to ruin my day.

I had never been to Bush Hall before and was not sure what to expect. I knew the gig was sold out but I was hoping it wouldn’t be packed to the rafters. Once we finally got in, even after the support act Ranestrane had been on and more people came in for the big one, there was still space to move. It was a fantastic evening, any doubts had gone, worries were no more. I was in the zone. It was made easier by seeing old friends, especially when they see you first. The amazing Ginger and her hubby Guy recognised me before I had a chance to say hi. Given that I hadn’t seen them since the Less is More tour in 2009 and what with Ginger’s personal situation, it was special that in all the people they had met, they still remembered me from a brief meet along with my great friend Annick.

Something else that I have noticed over the last few days is that it feels like a weight is off my shoulders. I have more energy, I feel tired, but the usual sleepy tired, not the heavy tired that would have affected me before.

Tomorrow I start my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course. Six weekly sessions, that will show me how to deal with and manage things better. Things wont just change overnight and Im sure there will be rough patches, but I finally feel like progress is really happening and good things are heading my way. I must stress though I doubt that I would have made so much progress, if it wasn’t for the support and advice from various friends and family. If they read this then they know who they are. Knowing them and their kindness, they will say its nothing and that is what friends are for,

Good night

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Films for the big screen

The other day my cousin Jamie,  posted a link on facebook, nope not one of the pointless annoying links that fill up the timelines. This guy shared a link to a trailer of a film, not any film, a cult film. The film was Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. I have to admit that I haven’t seen this film all the way through, mostly because of having the time and being in the right mood, but now though with the new trailer and the release into the cinema again, what better way to correct that error.

For many people it will be the case of havent seen it or have only seen it on the tv. I believe that this film, first released in 1968, deserves to be seen and appreciated at the cinema for all its glory. There are films that are released into the cinema that you can happily wait until the dvd/blu-ray release is out and then there are films that whilst enjoyed on the tv, need to be watched on the big screen. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a big screen must see. I guess to appreciate the whole experience, it needs to be on the big screen. I will of course have this privilege in December when I go and watch it in December with my good friend Debz.

Of course it isnt the only film that needed to be seen on the big screen to be appreciated. Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings Trilogy is very much one of those. I will forever love those films and whilst I enjoy them on the small screen there is nothing better than the big screen experience. Gandalf and the Balrog battle at the Bridge of Khazad-dum where the bridge collapses and both hurtle downwards. Thrilling as it is watching on the dvd, it was something special at the cinema on the big screen. The Star Wars Trilogy another group of films. Not because of the scrolling introduction, but the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope is ultimately a scene that needs to be apprectiated on the big screen.

Something that Jamie would no doubt agree with a couple more movies, still in the Sci Fi genre to be enjoyed on the big screen and they are Alien and Aliens. The nature of the films with the tense and psychological moments are well suited to the big screen. Given that the sequel features a fair amount low light scenes, watching it in the dark on a big screen and great sound is enough to make it more gripping and more effective at the cinema.

One film that is yet to come out but hopefully will be better than the first two films is the the final installment of the Hobbit series. The Battle of The Five Armies. Ive watched the first two and have been somewhat disappointing. Im therefore hoping that the final hobbit instalment goes out in style. If it doesn’t then it could be Peter Jackson’s lesser fine moment.