One obstacle kicked to touch

Having decided to close my blog looking at my journey with depression as well as looking at different aspects of depression, I thought I would share some more positive aspects of my journey. Saturday 8th November was the long awaited gig for the Steve Rothery Band album tour. It was something that I had bought tickets for ages ago and was something to target. The time following that was very topsy-turvy and there would be occasions when I really couldn’t face doing stuff. It was literally a roller coaster ride. Many ups and downs. Despite being something I was really looking forward to and likelihood of it being a once in a life time experience, two days before the gig, I was getting nervous and doubts in my mind. The thing is it wasnt me I would be letting down if I didn’t go. Friday evening and my frame of mind was clear, there was no doubts, I was excited I couldn’t wait. Not even the threat of rain was going to ruin my day.

I had never been to Bush Hall before and was not sure what to expect. I knew the gig was sold out but I was hoping it wouldn’t be packed to the rafters. Once we finally got in, even after the support act Ranestrane had been on and more people came in for the big one, there was still space to move. It was a fantastic evening, any doubts had gone, worries were no more. I was in the zone. It was made easier by seeing old friends, especially when they see you first. The amazing Ginger and her hubby Guy recognised me before I had a chance to say hi. Given that I hadn’t seen them since the Less is More tour in 2009 and what with Ginger’s personal situation, it was special that in all the people they had met, they still remembered me from a brief meet along with my great friend Annick.

Something else that I have noticed over the last few days is that it feels like a weight is off my shoulders. I have more energy, I feel tired, but the usual sleepy tired, not the heavy tired that would have affected me before.

Tomorrow I start my Cognitive Behavioural Therapy course. Six weekly sessions, that will show me how to deal with and manage things better. Things wont just change overnight and Im sure there will be rough patches, but I finally feel like progress is really happening and good things are heading my way. I must stress though I doubt that I would have made so much progress, if it wasn’t for the support and advice from various friends and family. If they read this then they know who they are. Knowing them and their kindness, they will say its nothing and that is what friends are for,

Good night


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