A little goes a long way

Recently I had a blog that I had written regarding my depression along with my thoughts an observations regarding the mental health issues. Well the other day I was chatting to an old friend and the blog was brought up. She said that she has read it and it helped her to get an understanding of what was going through her partners mind.

What had initially started as something to help get my focus back and help others.had been read by various people, who had also been supportive. Some people had thought it was a bit personal to share on the Internet, but it wasn’t just about me it would be about various aspects and mindsets.

Anyway my old friend, who will remain anonymous out of respect, had said it helped her to understand. Whilst it would normally be something to celebrate, in this case it was not. Knowing someone else is suffering with depression or mental health issues, is never nice and never something you would wish upon someone. How I did feel though was a sense of positivity in that A few words and thoughts about my situation has enabled someone to be able to understand what their partner is going through.

If by helping one other person, that person can be there for their partner/family member and get a better understanding, then that is one person dealing with mental health, who has a greater ability to help someone else. It only takes one person to start a journey but many can finish it.

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