The S*n and Page 3

So the S*n looked like it was going to bring an end to its topless models on Page 3. The Times had made the announcement the day before that their sister newspaper would be calling time on the famous page. The showing of topless models that saw the likes of Sam Fox, Linda Lusardi see their careers take off, would seemingly becoming to an end. There were happy faces and cheers from those who had campaigned for it to end, when they saw the announcement by the Times. It would seem though that The S*n had neither confirmed or denied the situation regarding the end of Page 3

It would seem though that their joy would be short lived, for the topless models returned in all their glory a week later. The outrage can continue for for a while and those who enjoy Page 3 can continue to peruse the paper and the topless images if they choose to access the S*n +.

Now that is the background, but what are my thoughts on it all. Well first off I am no fan of The S*n. Their behaviour, attitudes and lies helped destroy a community and helped tarnish the names of good people. Page three is not really anything special, maybe when growing up it might have seemed fun interesting and naughty, but now it’s past its sell by date and not really necessary. In the age of technology and the internet, you can find topless models and much more that will make Page 3 look like a comic entry.

So should it be banned or should it continue? Well to be honest I whilst Page 3 doesn’t appeal to me and it wouldnt bother me to see it disappear forever, I don’t think it should be banned. We live in a country where we can choose to do or not to do something. We are equally free to not purchase a newspaper if you don’t like it. I may or may not be wrong in this viewpoint, but if you don’t you are not a fan of Page 3, it is possibly likely that you are not a fan of The S*n newspaper. Of course there will be those who don’t like the S*n regardless of topless models. Is ending Page 3 really an oppression of women? I don’t think it is. Young women use Page 3 as a stepping stone to a bigger and better career in whatever they would like to pursue.

I also think that women should be able to enjoy topless men etc. We are free to choose and free to enjoy what we like so long as it is legal and not humiliating.

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