Jeremy Clarkson – The rights, the wrongs and the BBC

There has been a varied amount going down this last week, so today I thought I’d share a blog post or two to share my thoughts and opinions. Some you may agree with, some you may not. Would be interesting to hear what you think either way.

Jeremy Clarkson was in trouble this week following a ‘fracas’ with a producer, There has been great support for the outspoken presenter who likes to say what he thinks and most of it tends to be what people are thinking. There was a petition that quickly spread gaining signatures left right and centre together with anti BBC rhetoric. There has of course also been mixed stories about what exactly happened and was behind the incident. I personally dont mind Jeremy Clarkson, but sometimes there has to be a line. You really cant go round punching people you work with because in reality it isnt going to end well regardless of who you are. Some people might say the bloke deserved it, but on the other side, the bloke could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time to feel the wrath of Clarkson.  There is talk of him getting sacked and there is talk of him walking before he does. One opinion is that if Clarkson went, then Top Gear could continue. Not sure I can agree with that to be honest. Whilst some programmes have gone on to be successful without one of the main people, Have I Got News For You for example, I would find it very difficult to see how Clarkson could be replaced. I doubt very much it would work as there is a certain banter and connection that helps to create the show. Throwing a new person in wouldn’t work. What is the first word that people think of when Top Gear is mentioned? Clarkson is likely to be that.

Whilst what Clarkson is alleged to have done is unacceptable, it does seem that the fallout is one that relates to the BBC trying to make up for the Jimmy Saville fall out. With the disgusting behaviour of the once looked up to star, the BBC failed to act and deal with a big name because of the fallout. It seems now with Clarkson getting into trouble and with the popularity that he holds amongst the nation, the BBC have decided that they will show how big they are and finally take action. Frankly the BBC have screwed up even more by making it seem that Clarkson is doomed. Of course whilst you can’t really condone thumping another colleague, the BBC have now placed themselves in a lose lose situation. Clarkson leaves Top Gear, a vast income from selling Top Gear disappears as without him, the interest will no doubt wane and likely that the programme will face the axe. The BBC then find themselves in a position to find a programme that they can make that will have the same interest to make up for that large loss, which they may just ease without the large salary that they would be paying Jeremy Clarkson.

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