Do it for Nadine – Charity Head Shave – 22 April Snips Barbers

A friend of mine and no doubt a friend of yours, Nadine Lamberton has found herself battling a rare form of cancer called Myeloa. Young Nadine spent has spent the last few weeks in the Royal Free Hospital in London. This tough battle has seen her take another step in the fight in the form of Stem Cell treatment. The stay in hospital has meant not only spending her 30th birthday in hospital, but she has been away from her six month old boy and her husband. Nadine has gone through her treatment which has been far from pleasant, but she has battled through even though it hasnt been easy and has managed to maintain her smile amongst the low times.

With Nadine unable to work and the cost of travelling to and from London, her hubby Brian set up a gofundme campaign and within one single month a massive total of £3,670 has been raised by various friends and family. It goes to show how great people are and coming together to support a friend and family member.

Now though with Nadine having had her hair shaved following the loss through treatment, the fundraising goes on. There is now a Going Bald for Nadine Lamberton campaign. In the few days since starting, the balance is already upto £210 and will no doubt continue to increase. This leads to an event taking place on 22nd April at Snips Barbers. For a donation of £5, you can have your hair shaved off. If you are unable to have all your hair shaved, you can have a grade 1 or 2. You can freely donate any amount if you dont wish to have your hair shaved.

Should you wish to donate to the Go Bald For Nadine Lamberton, you can donate here

Should you wish to donate to the Help Nadine Lamberton beat Cancer, you can donate here

It doesnt have to be a great amount, it all helps to go a long way. Lets help Nadine bounce back and some time to enjoy herself again.

The event takes place at Snips Barbers, 58 Station Road Westgate on Sea. Tel 07905 798431

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