bungalows and fun homes – Random conversations on bus journeys

A random conversation on the bus home lead to some interesting thoughts and ideas. Today started with the idea of living in a bungalow. The reason why? so after a good night out, there is no need to attempt the stair climb, just the case of through the door and into the bedroom. No climbing up the stairs as if taking on a mountain. It’s the same when you are feeling shattered after a long day. Some may say, just kip on the couch, but that’s not quite the same as a comfy bed, the risk of falling out of bed compared to rolling off the couch is much smaller.

Then it was the case of if it was a house all the things that I would have. I decided that I would have a tube slide to get down stairs. Much quicker than having to walk down stairs. It would also be fun for the younger visitors to the house. I guess though knowing my luck, my niece and nephew would never want to go home. Of course whilst there is the easy way of getting down, you need an easy way to get up. A stair lift would be a bit extreme although helpful for the older visitor and getting up the stairs if with an injured leg or from a heavy night out, then of course you could have the escalator system but that could be a bit slow and would inevitable find yourself just walking up it anyway.

Then of course the shower system. There is nothing worse than getting out after a nice hot shower especially when its cold. The hot to cold is never much fun. So whats the solution. Well one idea was a warm air blower that you could choose to come on at the end of the shower going off so when you get out and grab your towel, you wont get the horrid cold moment that you would usually experience, it would also help dry the shower out too. Instant dry shower too. Other ideas came up but seemingly impractical for a house leading to great expense no doubt.

It’s amusing sometimes the random conversations that come out from an observation looking out on a bus journey home. Well it wouldn’t be my blog without something random. Till the next time, take care and have fun.


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