The Caboose Cafe – Ramsgate

Last Saturday, along with some delightful company, I paid a second visit to The Caboose Cafe and Bar. You can certainly do no wrong in visiting this place. It is intimate and very unimposing, the atmosphere is pleasant with music playing in the background. The staff are great and always will come over and ask if you would like a drink before choosing the food. There are of course many of us who always find it difficult to choose from such lovely choices and there is no pressure to order straight away.

There are various meals and you wont be disappointed to hear that the breakfast is served till five, you can get various sandwiches, wraps and the like. They also have various things that happen in the evening. On my second visit I had a BLT sandwich. By no exaggeration, the BLT prepared at the Caboose, is one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever had. The bacon is freshly cooked to order and the aroma that comes from the kitchen is just so enjoyable. Next time I’m in there though it’s got to be the full on bacon sandwich. Whilst in the day you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a bite to eat, from Wednesday evening to Friday evening you can find yourself immersed in the taste of Mexico. On a Friday and Saturday evening you can find yourself there till 11 with a mixture of entertainment.

They have a website Caboose Cafe, you can find their page on facebook Caboose Facebook. Be sure to visit, you wont regret it.

Mike, Georgia and the staff will be very happy to see you.


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