It’s been a while

Hello again, yes its been a while, but what with one thing and another, Ive not got round to posting a blog, so here I am once more sharing some thoughts and observations and a bit of news. So in the last 26 days a lot has happened. Footy is back, England won the Ashes and I have an amazing girlfriend whose name is Emma. We had been dating for a while (including the amusing Wrong Screen Date), but then we became officially an item at the Broadstairs fireworks at the end of July.

After various dates and evenings spent together, I was invited to the family BBQ. Wasnt particularly nervous as I had heard many good things about the family and it would seem that I would get on well. That I most certainly did, a very nice group of people and I even brought additional laughs as I stacked it  trying to get on to the garden from the patio. I could have just used the steps but hey that would have meant a detour. Thankfully Emma had taken my plate, leaving me with just a bottle of Becks. Happy to report that not a single drop of alcohol escaped onto the floor. Food was great, as were the family.

The next day was the day of the Herne Bay air show. Well done to the Herne Bay Promo team for such hard work in getting it organised. It was great to see the town and the sea front so busy and buzzing.The weather played its part as it was a scorcher of a day. More time spent with Emma’s family which was great. There were no more accidents to entertain either.

Returning to my relationship with Emma, it is really great. Similar sense of humour, similar outlook on how things should be. Just as happy chilling and watching the world go by as we are going out and doing stuff. You don’t need to spend loads of money to have a good time and a laugh. Many things don’t cost anything but can bring you the greatest enjoyment.

Last weekend was the first month of our relationship. It’s the beginning of a great future and I have felt very positive about things and being fortunate to have Emma in my life. There are many things that we have planned and given the nature of our relationship there are many things happening that happen as they go. You can’t beat a spur of the moment day out somewhere. I look forward to July 29th when it will have been a year together. Life is going to be good a future happy too.

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