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It’s getting closer

Well here we are it’s December and that can mean just one thing…there are double digit days till Christmas. Usually by now it’s turned a little chilly and it really feels like the approach to that fine season of goodwill, but so far it’s been quite pleasant. There is of course plenty of time to change and boy it can change quite quick as we know.

I am quite organised on the shopping front too, that though is partly down to Emma. Shopping for my niece and nephew is done, parents presents are on pre order and so it’s just the remaining  presents for Emma along with some friends that are left to purchase.

No surprise though that much of my purchasing has been via the Internet. That may change or may stay the same depending on what I need to buy. I love to hit the shops but when you see an online bargain, it’s impossible to ignore. Saying that though battling through the crowds in Canterbury and Westwood Cross is an impossible challenge.

Whilst the shopping and crowds are not my enjoyable pastimes, Christmas this year will be a lot of fun spending it with my awesome girlfriend, seeing my lovely family and spending time with Emma’s lovely family.

At the start of the year I’d never have expected the year to take the way it has, but Christmas and seeing in 2o16 will be fantastic as we see the New Year in London and hoping that the coming year is a better one.