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Christmas festivities

Well a Happy New Year to my followers and readers, hope you all had a fab time. For me it was a busy but fun time split between friends and family. It was quite a fab time, lots of laughs, socialising and fun. Plenty of food but not so much in the way of alcohol, but you don’t need to drink loads to enjoy yourself….god I’m sounding old.

Anyway, it was a special Christmas, it was the first Christmas of many that I would be spending with my lovely girlfriend Emma. It had been a long time since I had felt this excited about Christmas, but hey why not, Christmas comes but once a year. With all our shopping done before Christmas Eve, it was time to chill and relax and a visit to a pub was much required. Whilst of course the weather has been far from what we are used to for the festivities, it couldnt stop the The Bell Inn down in Minster, from having an open and roaring fire.

Christmas Day had arrived and for whatever reason, it felt like it should be the weekend, it wasnt but not far off. I dont know what it is about this time of year that makes you forget which day of the week it is. It wasnt a white one, chances of that ever happening were extremely rare. It was miserable weather wise, but who cared. Being surrounded by some of the important people in your life is always going to make things better whatever maybe happening outside.

A nice post Christmas dinner walk in the afternoon to burn the calories off and before we knew it the evening was here and Emma and I were chilling watching various things, including the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which, was not quite up with those of Christmas Specials gone by, but hey its a staple part of Christmas tv.

Boxing Day brought more fun as we took presents to my folks to give out to my niece and nephew, is there anything more enjoyable than seeing younger members of the family excited as they unwrap presents? Very pleased with what they received, I dont think we could have done a better job at delivering on behalf of Santa Claus. My nephew has decided that he is no longer known as Father Christmas but as Santa. He’s only 4 so he can choose to call him what he likes.

Another visit to other family members brought the shenanigans to a close, but the New Year was still to be enjoyed