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Come in Number 13 – The New Doctor

It was a big day Sunday, the Wimbledon final where the amazing Roger Federer took to the grass court to win a record 8th title and Lewis Hamilton won a fifth British GP. That though for some was just a side show for the really big event, yes the announcement of the thirteenth doctor. We had been left wondering when the next one would be announced as it had seemed an age since Peter Capaldi announced he was calling time on his stint as the saviour from the planet Gallifrey.

Who would it be of course was the big question, Kris Marshall of My Family fame had quit his Death in Paradise show and it seemed that he was destined to become the next Doctor. Many a Doctor Who fan thought no no no, but it was still early days. Very few had been linked with the show which also probably didnt help. Then S*n newspaper if I recall correctly had called it that Marshall was the new doctor and had already been working on the new series. That for one thing was a pile of tosh. Of course though we shouldn’t have expected the truth to come from that rag.

We watched Series 10 knowing the inevitable was on the cards, we also wondered where and when the Doctor would regenerate but as time went on things started to take a direction. In the Monk storyline we had seen what appeared to be the Doctor beginning to regenerate after he was shot by Bill. This of course was a set up as Bill had fired blanks at the Doctor. On the otherhand was the regen start though really part of the set up or had his recent battles had an effect on his body. Had reading the book caused more than just the blindess, who knows.

As the series did continue, the names for the next doctor started to crop up. A varied number of actors were linked. Ben Wishaw and Richard Ayoade were high up the list but then a a few female names cropped up. Phoebe Waller-Bridge became favourite all of a sudden. What with the various comments made during the later episodes, were we about to finally see a female doctor. Waller-Bridge would have no doubt been a good option but it seemed that there were a number of things lessening the chance. She of course is part of the Han Solo story and will shortly be filming the second series of her comedy Fleabag. Then her agency was saying it was a definite no no given. Was this double bluffing? we didn’t know could they have bee diverting everyone away. They wouldn’t have been too popular with the BBC had they let slip.

The other female linked was the talented Olivia Colman. She had appeared in the opening episode of Matt Smith’s reign as the madman in the box. She could have managed to pull off appearing in the role as the Doctor but she too had projects that would affect filming of Doctor Who.

Still by this time some fans might have been getting nervous wondering whether the comments of a female future might have well been a misdirection. It would be another male actor surely, it could but then people were not enthused at the chances of the next Doctor being portrayed by Kris Marshall. So as the post Wimbledon analysis finished, BBC spors presenter informed us that it was now time for the reveal of the next doctor.

The trailer set in woodland had the individual walking through woodland, dressed all in black. The view of course either behind taking a look at the individuals feet. From this there was surely a very big clue that the new doctor was going to be female, even from the shoulders there was a hint of which sex the new doctor would be. The person finally comes to a halt and with hand out flat the key to the tardis materialises and we then see the new doctor reveal themselves and it’s a woman we find it to be Jodie Whittaker, the mother from the Broadchurch series. After all the talk of a possible female doctor which goes back three decades, we finally have a female doctor. At last a female doctor, something to really liven it up. For me there were other actresses I would have liked to have seen, but it’s certainly going to be interesting to see how a female doctor deals with such foes as the Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors. I wonder how Strax will take to the female Doctor.

If you had gone onto social media afterwards, well it was brace yourself. A mixture of opinion from all over the world that wanted to share their opinion and boy did the naysayers throw their toys out the pram. It was both funny and annoying at the same time. Funny that they could get so worked up about a fictional show and annoying that they just blamed it on the Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriors.

The American naysayers were the worst. Whilst there were many of our stateside chums totally embracing the fact that change was on the cards, there were those who just didnt see it. Here are some of the comments. Names witheld

“I am far more concerned about Chibnall and his series long story than I am a female Doctor.

But I despise the cancer that is political correctness which has driven this decision. It won’t affect my ability to enjoy the series, but I don’t have to be happy about the cause”.

“I don’t want to see a woman as Dr Who because it’s a male role, just like I don’t want to see a male actor playing Temperance Brennan. If you want a female time traveller write something new”

“Watch the originals. Men regenerated into other men. The women were able to choose what they looked like. I’m not happy with this choice. It has nothing to do with misogyny it’s because they are not keeping in touch with the older series”

“It looks like Dr Who is going the down the same “progressive” road as Marvel. I’m so disappointed that they’ve caved in to identity politics pushed by PC authoritarians. James Bond is next I guess”

“Dam liberals are ruining everything. First Ghostbusters and now this”

“Lol can’t wait until the ratings drop and you see what a mistake this is. I certainly won’t be watching this rubbish any longer. I’ll watch again when you bring back the REAL doctor 😊”

If it wasn’t tbose comments it was what is next Jane Bond amongst other male characters becoming female. They seemingly missed the point of the show and other characters.

Why a woman? a number of reasons, first off because the Time Lords don’t get too bothered about the sex of a person, secondly it’s been on the cards for not just in the past two doctors, remember Matt Smith initially wondering if he was a female. Not only that, the co creator Sydney Newman even said there should be a female doctor. Finally the doctor sometimes chooses a face from the past and if they keep Jodie’s hair colour as it is then there is one person who the doctor could choose is Kate Lethbridge-Stewart or known as Kate Stewart. Kate being the daughter of one Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. It could be a possibility but then it could very well just be not.

So finally we can say that whatever happens we’re in for an interesting journey. Theme tune and outfit to be decided and remember if you can deal with a fictional character 2,000 year old alien with two hearts, that travels  in a living spaceship but can’t hack said character turning into a woman, then maybe you should watch something else because it’s not about Political Correctness or the Social Justice Warriors.

So till the next blog post GEEEERRONIMMOOOOO!!!

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Doctor Who – The Next Doctor

So with one episode of series ten and a Christmas special to go, Peter Capaldi’s period as the Time Lord is coming to an end. It is a shame to see Capaldi leaving as he has been a good Doctor, some of the stories might have been disappointing, but an actor of course can only work with what is in front of him. When he has had a good story, boy has he played a blinder.

As I write this, the next Doctor is not even known. Names have been bandied about, conclusions have been made, but no official announcement has been put out by the BBC or Moffatt himself. With  just under six months to go until the Christmas Special, we can only speculate as to who it could be and who it couldn’t be. So that is what Im going to do, but before that Im just going to share a thought or two on the direction of the sex of the Doctor.

For me its a shame to see Peter Capaldi leave the show as I have enjoyed his portrayal of the doctor, it was good to see an older person to play the doctor after Tennant and Smith. From this latest season I have also enjoyed the companions Nardol and Bill. Whether we see Bill again is all in the air, but who knows what will happen.

 Historically the Doctor as we know has always been played by a male actor. Some of Britain’s finest actors to grace tv and stage have portrayed the Gallifreyan, the likes of Troughton, Pertwee, Tennant,Pertwee,Davidson, Eccleston, McGann, Baker and Baker. Matt Smith of course is still breaking out into the film world but that isn’t to say he is rubbish. He was relatively unknown to the world when he became the doctor. Let’s though return to the point. We have yet to see a female play the Time Lord, why is that? I don’t know. After all we have seen a female lead in Star Trek for example.

I wouldn’t have an issue with a female Doctor, after all we have seen a female take on the Master, which to be honest has been an interesting turn. I’m sure opinion has been quite mixed up and down the country and around the world where there are viewers of the iconic tv show. What I would though have an issue is for a female doctor just for the sake of it just to tick a box as it were. It should also be about who is cast. You could have a really good female actress or one that ends up coming over poor. To be the doctor regardless of sex, they ultimately need to be able to portray the doctor in the typical comedic moments, but also have the convincing ruthless side that the character has and has been seen throughout the various portrayals.

So let’s kick off with some of those who have been linked  for the next Doctor and unfortunately the leading name is one that somehow could ruin the role.

Kris Marshall

Why should we be even considering this man as the next Doctor, I’m sure many of you will not need to know why he shouldn’t be anywhere near this iconic role. He featured in My Family, a tv sitcom that in reality should have been really good given the leading cast members, but sadly it was purely average especially when they started bringing in extra characters who were about as funny as getting a parking ticket. When he did leave, he said he wanted to go onto better things. Those better things turned out to be BT ads. Of course he did star in Death in Paradise, but admittedly I havent seen that so can’t judge on that. Even if he did pull off a good performance in Death In Paradise, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he would be able to pull it off performing as the Doctor.

Ben Wishaw

Ben Wishaw is one who has been linked with the doctor. Known for his portrayal of Q in the James Bond films, he could be putting it the 007 role behind him and move onto another iconic role. Wishaw of course is a well trained actor and has appeared in the cinema, on tv and the stage. He could quite easily fit into the role of the doctor. He as featured in both comedic and straight roles. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he were to be chosen given his previous links after the departure of Matt Smith as the Doctor. If he can master Q, then he can easily take on the mantle of the Doctor.

Richard Ayoade

Another popular candidate, famous for the role of Maurice Moss in the IT crowd. His geeky character and persona would help. The only issue now though is that he is now fronting the Crystal Maze, so it would be unlikely that he would have the time to commit to becoming the new Doctor, that is unless Channel 4 were to suddenly drop the show. This of course may cause fans of that show to be slightly miffed and all too late for Ayoade. Having seen the first CM show, he could easily pull off the sarcastic and droll side of the Doctor.

Anthony Head

I also heard that Anthony Head was linked to becoming the next Doctor. Now that would be interesting, the actor isn’t shy of appearing in sci and fantasy as we know. He’s been in Buffy, Merlin, Warehouse 13 and of course Doctor Who itself as the Headmaster back in the Tennant era. Given that Peter Capaldi once appeared in the show and went on to become the Doctor, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for Head to join the ranks. I think it would really work with him as the doctor although I imagine the fangirls  would not be happy with another older actor portraying the Doctor. I imagine though he won’t be in the top three.

It’s not just about the men, during the final two episodes there have been hints as to the next doctor being female with different lines coming out regarding female. Naturally it could be a red herring but it could be time for a female doctor. There has been talk that a female doctor would bring the show to the 21st century, which is weird as we have seen a lesbian companion, a bi character, same sex companionship albeit one human and one alien character. At the same time whilst it would be great to see a female doctor, it should be done naturally, not because people are calling for one.


Phoebe Waller-Bridge

One of the leading female candidates is Phoebe Waller-Bridge. I don’t know much about Phoebe, although I did see her in the fantastic Broadchurch series, where she appeared as Abbey Thompson, who was the junior barrister to Joe Miller’s Defence QC. Her series Fleabag is quite successful an a second series is being filmed late in 2017 to be shown in 2018. I imagine that should she become the new doctor, her Fleabag show may have to be rescheduled if filming for Doctor Who and Fleabag clashes. Not only that, but she has the little Star Wars spin off film that though is a one off so wouldn’t conflict with further filming. Should Waller-Bridge be the new Doctor, she would be one of the youngest actors to portray the much much older Doctor.

Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman is another name that has been linked and would be an ideal candidate, having had a career in comedy and drama, she would seem perfect for the role. Like Phoebe Waller-Bridge, she appeared in Broadchurch thus working with Chris Chibnall who will be taking over from Moffat. We have seen her wide range of output comedy wise along with a wide range of straight roles including the previously mentioned Broadchurch and the popular drama The Night Manager.  She has also funnily enough previously appeared in the first episode of the Matt Smith era in Doctor Who.

It will be interesting to see who is the next doctor and how long we will have to wait until the announcement. Maybe just maybe they will keep it secret so we don’t find out until we see the regeneration take place towards the end of the Christmas Special.