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End of an era – Goodbye Apple

Dont panic lovers of Apple, they haven’t closed down or anything. Im sure if they had, there would be nothing else being talked about on Facebook.  This blog post is about ending my time with Apple.

I had attempted to never have an apple phone, but on a visit to Carphone Warehouse I ended up coming out with an Iphone 3GS. It seemed a good idea at the time. My current phone needed changing and it was time to move forward. Owning the Iphone 3GS was an ok phone but quite basic. I had weirdly enough stated no that long before, that I wouldnt get an Iphone, famous last words as usual.

Two years went by and it was time for an upgrade. I was sticking with an Iphone and a move to the Iphone 5. The handset died just before the warranty was up. It wouldnt switch on. I sent it to O2 to see if they could repair it. They sent it back saying they couldnt find a fault. This was quite amusing seeing as it wouldnt switch on. I took it to the o2 store where they found the same. A trip to Bluewater and the Apple Store saw a new handset. All seemed well and then it started to play up. As many fellow Apple owners will know, the battery doesnt last very long.

My contract expired and I decided not to upgrade my phone and instead get a sim only deal. I added a shiny Samsung Tablet to the collection. i carried on and having thought that I couldnt upgrade,. My excellent girlfriend got me to have a look at seeing if I could upgrade. I looked and I could. I am now the owner of a nice and shiny HTC One Nine. It’s very handy to be able to link up with my tablet through my google account and find stuff on my tablet to be downloaded onto my phone if I wanted.

It’s so nice to have a phone with a battery that lasts all day without needing to charge. I have a handset that sees the battery at around 30% ten hours after taking it off charge.