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Beginnings – Hannah’s Yard album review

Beginnings, the debut album from Hannah’s Yard came out last year but it’s only now that Ive actually managed to sit down and listen to this album and I have to say it’s a great album from a talented young artist. Beginnings is a great way to start a career and young Hannah Layton Turner,who is 21, yes 21 has had a busy but amazing couple of years. With the support and guidance from her fellow musicians and writer and I can only imagine that Hannah a will continue to have more success.

When you read that Hannah’s Yard has featured on various BBC regional radio stations whilst getting high praise from well known stars such as Paul Carrack,  you know this artist and  her supporting musicians are certainly going to do very well under the Yard Name .Not only that they have been asked to record a video session for the radio and tv legend that is ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris and that is something to be proud of.

The album  covers more than one genre, but don’t let that make you think that Hannah is trying to find her way, far from it. Hannah has a voice that easily carries over well.  The track Make Your Mind Up features Hannah’s vocals from when she was 15, yes only 15, a remarkably talented young lady. Closing the album with the classic hymn Amazing Grace that  is one that is  a great way to finish. The her take is simple with no big effects or bagpipes to accompany her, just her voice backing from her fellow musicians. It beautiful and gentle and can be taken with great credit.

The rest of her album consists of some really fine songs, where you find yourself either singing along or just chilling to her tracks. The tracks Baby I’m There, Dream With Me and Dance Our Way back Home are three tracks that definitely give you a happy and chilled vibe. Hannah along with the Yard, is a young woman who has fab voice and has a long career ahead of her and one that is heading only upwards. You might not have heard of her before, but you have now and will definitely in the years to come.