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Nights out, dentists and Loop bus journeys – Just like an England tailender more out than in

Another long weekend came and went and another busy one at that. With the final day of the season shenanigans the weekend before, the weekend just gone took a musical turn. Saturday night was the one-off reunion gig of the magnificent band Film Club. Playing down at the Belgian Cafe, it was very much a packed out house for the evening. Food and drink were very much in the flow along with the music and the conversation. After a two hour gig (possibly a bit less or a bit more I don’t know  I was enjoying myself), the music didn’t stop there. Young Mister Wimhurst continued supplying the entertainment till well into the early hours with some fine piano playing and singing. Given the fact I had to gee myself up to go, my lovely friend Debz ensured that I would have no option, I didn’t actually leave till 2.50 am. Home by 3.30 am…not a time that I’ve come home to for quite a while.

Quite glad I did go to be honest. The amount of friends that were there who I hadn”t seen for ages, made it very much worth while. It was something to akin to being the host of a party where you are trying your best to make sure you get to chat with everyone that you know. Then of course just when you think you have managed to see everyone you know, up steps another old friend who I havent seen for some five to ten years. It was a shame that circumstances meant a departure otherwise we could have chatted for ages.

A chilled Sunday loomed, well to be honest with a little bit of a sore head, it was always going to be a quiet one. Doing as little as possible was very much the order of the day. So much so, three days later and I still cant remember what I did, bar watching dvds and playing on the PS3.

Monday was dentist check up day. Everyone’s least favourite thing to do. I booked the day off. My dentist surgery do seem keen on giving me the most awkward appointment times which combined with unhelpful timing of public transport from Canterbury to Margate, made me decide to take the day off. Pretty awesome. WWE Network was order of the morning and the Elimination Chamber PPV, was actually quite reasonable. I wont share any results incase WWE viewers who read this blog, have yet to watch it. Safe to say that the Dean Ambrose character has elements of Stone Cold Steve Austin, but I can see Dean Ambrose going one step further. I very much look forward to see where they take him. Now I’ve said this, the WWE creative writing teams will probably manage to screw it up as they are prone to do.

Anyway back to the dentist, a trip to Margate on the good old Loop bus service. I swear that this bus service will provide the weird and questionably wonderful from the population of Thanet. I had to four bus journeys. First off I end up with this late teens early twenty year old girl sitting next to me. She could have sat anywhere, but no she chose the seat next to me. Nothing wrong with that I hear you say, and yes you would be right. Just for extra special measure, she happens to be wearing the same perfume/spray, that an ex girlfriend of mine used to wear and a lot. From Westwood Cross all the way to Cecil Square, I had this unwanted reminder of times rather forgotten.

The dentist itself was fantastic…..yes that’s right the words fantastic and dentist in the same line. It only cost me 80p. The standard charge is £18.80, but for reasons unknown there was £18.00 on my account, An overpayment from what I can gather. Dont know how but hey its nothing to be sniffed at and I came away without any issues.

Post dentist, I thought I would pay a visit to my sister to catch up with my delightful niece and nephew. I opted to go the Cliftonville route. I certainly made the wrong choice there. All because I decided at the last minute to grab food. I thought I’d take time and eat in on the longer journey. To be honest it never really mattered because I was going to Broadstairs and could have easily gone via the Ramsgate route. Too late now as Im sitting on the bus. An old guy gets on and promptly decides to announce to the driver that he has a weak bladder and that he had wet himself in Wilkinsons the day before. He had to tell them what had happened in case they thought it might be a leak… I dont know about you, but I can certainly tell the difference between a leak and someone having wet themselves. For good measure he sat in front of me. thank goodness….or so I thought. He then starts reading the paper and telling the bus that Arsenal won. The overwhelming response was that either no one cared or they were waiting for the awkward moment when the bloke says that he’s wetting himself. Thankfully I managed to escape before he did, so avoided any possible carnage.

Of course though the fun factor was back on, It was niece and nephew time, They are such great fun and full of energy. The creativity they have in making things up on the spot and as they go along is great to watch. They are great fun to be around and so glad that I get to capture some of these awesome moments on my iphone*. I look forward to taking them on days out although at the moment I think one at a time is best.

So that’s that for another day and hopefully not too long before the next blog post is written. Before I forget. whilst you may not get to see Film Club perform a gig for another few years, you may often see Mr Wimhurst at the Belgian Cafe piano on a night out playing the piano and enjoying a sing song. Till the next time

*Other phones are available 🙂

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Dental appointments: Can it be that difficult

So last week I receive a letter from my dental surgery saying that I was due a routine check up. So today I phone up and eventually get through. I seem to be speaking to the worlds worst receptionist. Not only that possibly the worst dentist ever, which I thought couldn’t be possible. Previous dentist was only in Monday and Thursday. This new dentist is Monday and Friday, ooh the agony of choice. Anyway, eventually after being put on hold as the woman pretends that she knows what she is doing I get given a time.

A few minutes later I realise that the time isn’t suitable after all and so phone back. Not fortunate to get the lady I spoke to previously, I find myself talking to the soon to be crowned, worlds worst receptionist. Giving my date of birth I thought could never be that difficult..oh how wrong was I. I got August, I got the birth year of 1937. This was after she said this was the first time….The best bit was still to come as she asked when was best for me. I said well my dentist is only in Monday and Friday, to which she replied oh he’s in every day, do you not want to see him. I replied a bit surprised, not its fine.

It seems that somewhere along the line, someone has screwed up. Either the first receptionist got it wrong, or the second one did and the person they will be expecting will not be me. So she named a date, 8th October, oh that’s today. I mean really? Where do they find these people. Eventually I get given the 17th of October, I was relieved that such simple request could be over after having taken so long.

Now though I wait for the fun. My practice operates a text reminder service, so I will be waiting with interest either tomorrow or Friday to see whether I get a reminder. That’s of course unless someone else gets a reminder they aren’t expecting.