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The Bell Inn Rings out again

When the Bell Inn in Minster closed back in January, a little bit of the village closed as well. Many friendships were made in that pub and many Friday nights enjoyed with friends and great music. The World didn’t end of course but it was not the same. We all went to different establishments wondering when and hoping it would reopen.

The weeks went past and people asked, but no one knew anything, that is apart from various rumours that flew around. As time progressed, a certain two people decided to take the plunge, with support they went for it and after various meetings , business plans back and forth their offer was accepted. The Bell Inn would be back and reopening.

The couple would be none other than our good friends and neighbours Mark and Sarah. Bell Inn regulars would often see Sarah behind the bar and Mark on the other side organising the music on a weekly basis. Now though friends and customers old and new, will see them both behind the bar, with support from a fab little team. It was kept a secret for various reasons as mostly there would be no point getting people’s hopes up, only to see them crushed if things didn’t go to plan.

It has been a pleasure to help in getting things ready along with others and now spreading the word to friends, regulars and those who haven’t been before. Not much will change as the food will continue to come out and I believe the famous Bell Burger will be on the menu. SO close to finishing but always beaten. There will though no doubt be some brand new additions but those that will highly compliment the menu.

There will be music once more and again organised by Mark. With word getting around days after Mark’s announcement, familiar old names have got in touch so expect to see some fine old Friday evenings full of beer and frivolity along with some new bands and singers.

Whilst the sun is out there will of course be the beautiful garden to enjoy whether it’s in the day time or the evening just before it gets dark. There will no doubt be other things that Mark and Sarah will introduce, but it’s all looking exciting.

There is no date announced as yet, but stay tuned and look out for a big announcement in the next few weeks.


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Some Love Whinging – From Ramsgate to Herne Bay

Royal Pavilion Ramsgate – Wetherspoons


It seems that some people have nothing better to moan even when there is something good happening. Take for example the newly refurbished Pavilion in Ramsgate. The building had been dilapidated for a good few years, when pub chain Wetherspoons, took over the building to renovate it and turn it into an operational building. God forbid that it was bringing jobs. competition and choice to the area, but still.

Saying that though it wasn’t necessarily the fact that there was a new wetherspoons, but in fact they apparently weren’t allowing dogs into the restaurant. I mean who would have thought dogs not allowed in a busy pub/restaurant. Of course The Belgian cafe allows dogs in but that is a whole different kind of atmosphere to be honest. Generally though apart from guide dogs Ive not seen too many dogs in restaurants. pubs yes but not really restaurants.

In a certain facebook group celebrating Ramsgate, there were a few that were not too happy. although one dog lover stated that whilst they loved dogs, they didn’t believe that a busy bar and restaurant was suitable for dogs. whilst one said it didn’t bother them. Funny thing is that many eating establishments have not allowed dogs in, so why should Wetherspoons, who I don’t think allow dogs in their other establishments. In other local Wetherspoon establishments  I believe it is down to manager discretion. The Pavilion will apparently lose some custom of the dog walkers in the group. I wonder if they will stop using Asda, Tesco other stores, the cinema etc.

Of course though the conversation moved from dogs to kids and moaning about the moany screamy kids and how kids should be banned etc etc. There seems to be no pleasing people sometimes. People have pointed out about other establishments that allow dogs in, that’s good, why not go visit them instead and stop trying to be clever when in fact you are just making yourself look quite silly.

I mean hey, the Wetherspoons group didn’t have to acquire the Royal Pavilion and turn it into an operating building, creating jobs, contributing to the economy, giving visitors and locals varied choice and competition for various establishments.  We should be as many people are, pleased to see that the building is looking alive and a back in business once again.


Last Saturday Herne Bay played host once again to the Airshow. Another well organised event. The Bay Promo team once again put their all into organising this FREE SHOW for people in the local area and anyone who wanted to attend from further afield. Myself and Emma didn’t get down there till late but were there in time to catch the Aerosparx afternoon display onwards. A walk the stalls and through the crowds, we were then 20 were settled on the pier for those awesome Red Arrows. I don’t know how many times Ive seen them fly in my life, but I will never tire of watching their breathtaking displays. Some of our finest RAF pilots, who during their time have learnt to fly at the Ted Girdler School of Flying and gone on to join the RAF and eventually take up a seat in the hawk jets.

Anyway back to the main subject, whingers. Apparently there were some people a bit annoyed at the fact that people were having to wait inbetween displays. This in course contrast to no doubt the very same people complaining that there wasnt enough time between displays to do anything else. I mean come on, surely it is possible to go find something to eat and still watch an aerial display? Well apparently not it would seem.

Issues beyond organisers control were at the route of the issue. Saturday was a bit breezy which meant that not all participants were able to fly, not only that but the Merlin engine issue which grounded the BBMF flight which thankfully wasn’t a major disaster as alternative aircraft were used instead. The organisers at the last minute managed to get a Dakota into the days proceedings, so a big thumbs up to them. It did though mean large gaps. Is that really such an issue seeing what was available on the ground and hey there was that good old fashioned thing called chatting amongst friends/family, I mean who’d have thought that extra waiting time would mean not talking to anyone else.

There were other moans because it wasn’t strictly free and prices were high. Well what do you know, a public event where food and gift outlets are slightly higher than anywhere else. Well here’s a thought, there is that little old school thing called the picnic. You know, the thing where you buy various things to add to the basket or cooler and take a long to eat. It is after all something that people have done for many many years.

The team at Bay Promo over the years have worked hard to bring events such as the air show and Sci Fi by the sea to Herne Bay, giving up shed loads of time and money without a complaint, just so people can have a free air show or a Sci Fi event with actors and actresses from past and present shows. A little appreciation wouldn’t go a miss especially when all you have to do is turn up, so next time the airshow is on either don’t go or come prepared like the several groups of people with picnics and windbreakers

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The Caboose Cafe – Ramsgate

Last Saturday, along with some delightful company, I paid a second visit to The Caboose Cafe and Bar. You can certainly do no wrong in visiting this place. It is intimate and very unimposing, the atmosphere is pleasant with music playing in the background. The staff are great and always will come over and ask if you would like a drink before choosing the food. There are of course many of us who always find it difficult to choose from such lovely choices and there is no pressure to order straight away.

There are various meals and you wont be disappointed to hear that the breakfast is served till five, you can get various sandwiches, wraps and the like. They also have various things that happen in the evening. On my second visit I had a BLT sandwich. By no exaggeration, the BLT prepared at the Caboose, is one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever had. The bacon is freshly cooked to order and the aroma that comes from the kitchen is just so enjoyable. Next time I’m in there though it’s got to be the full on bacon sandwich. Whilst in the day you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a bite to eat, from Wednesday evening to Friday evening you can find yourself immersed in the taste of Mexico. On a Friday and Saturday evening you can find yourself there till 11 with a mixture of entertainment.

They have a website Caboose Cafe, you can find their page on facebook Caboose Facebook. Be sure to visit, you wont regret it.

Mike, Georgia and the staff will be very happy to see you.

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The Cadbury’s Creme Egg saga

So the Cadbury’s Creme Egg is facing crisis. First of all it doesn’t taste as nice. This is because they have changed from the dairy milk chocolate to a cocoa mix. Ive not had one of the 2015 batch due to my self-imposed chocolate ban, but all I can say is that even as someone who loves chocolate, is it really something to get wound up about. I will eat most chocolate and enjoy it. One comment was that Dairy Milk chocolate bars don’t taste the same anymore. To be honest I have to disagree. They taste just as how they always have. Maybe that is my mind just seeing the Dairy Milk bar and giving me the taste I expect. I can’t say that I have ever noticed anything major. I’m not sure that if I had noticed that I would have continued eating them over the past year or so. If I however I had noticed it, I very much doubt that I would have gone to the extent of making a fuss about it. What I would have done is to just stop buying it and choose something different. At the end of the day how chocolate tastes, is hardly the end of the world when it come to life and the grand scheme of things.

The reality of the whole change in chocolate type etc is that if it really bothers you that much, then use the greatest power of them all. The Consumer power is the greatest power of them all. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it and go for something else instead. It is quite easier and more powerful than just complaining. If a product suffers then it is likely to disappear or something change. Complaining and spouting off, is not going to really see much progression or change.

Now to the other part of the discussion. Cadbury’s deciding to reduce from 6 eggs in the pack down to 5. I’ve rarely bought a box of six, but this is something I just don’t get. I could understand if they reduced from 6 to 4 as it would make more sense. Most packs of chocolate bars tend to come in even numbers, so to reduce it to an odd number is quite silly, especially for packaging measures. It would surely require a redesign in the packaging to accommodate.

I guess the reality though is that if you don’t like the new eggs, don’t buy them and if you don’t like the reduction to 5 eggs, go and find a shop with good offers for multibuy Creme Eggs.

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Did he really decide to do that?

Happy New Year everyone. So 2014 went out discreetly attempting to make too much disruption. I saw in the new year with old friends and the fantastic Funkle Pie. A band very much worth going to see. I recommend checking them out when you can. You can find them on Facebook along with upcoming gigs.

I thought I would take a break from blogging over the festive period. It’s always nice to take a break and relax when you can. I spent most of it when not out and about, playing Football Manager 14. Become quite addicted to it. Don’t think I’ve played the game so much since I had the Championship Manager 93 back in the early days when I had an Amiga 1200. Now that’s going back a while, back to the age of Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, Lemmings , Populous, Operation Stealth.

Anyway, back to the main focus. As I lie in bed attempting to get to sleep and failing miserably, out of the blue an idea pinged in my mind. I’ll give up eating chocolate, not permanently mind you, god no, that would be a painfully horrible idea. I couldn’t give up chocolate permanent. That would never do. Then though as if that wasn’t enough, I decided to stop drinking coke. Double strike on a Monday, nothing like diving in at the deep end at the start of the year.

Thing is that I gave up chocolate for the period of lent a couple of years ago and said to myself that I would never do that again, so why am I doing it again. The chocolate lover is casting his favourite thing to one side for a period of time…I haven’t quite got to that bit yet. It will definitely be longer than a month, I wonder if I can do it until Easter. I mean come on, do you really think its possible to go without chocolate through the Easter period? nope I’m not that stupid….that’s one best not left open.

Of course I tend not to do things by halves, so not only giving up chocolate for a period of time, I decide I’m going to stop drinking coke, I haven’t decided how long for, but that one will be easier. I gave it up last year for a while, so I can easily do it again. Typically though, the day I decide to give up chocolate, one of my lovely colleagues brings in some chocolate that they have been told to get rid of. Sadly I will not be able to partake in this usual delight of cleaning up on the sweet side of things. I did think about cakes too, but there are likely to be birthdays and cakes brought in. There is of course only so much a man can give up before he starts to wonder about his own sanity….and Ive been wondering about that for quite a while.  One other thing I wont be giving up just yet is alcohol. I know it’s that time of year and I commend all those who are doing it for the January. I know a few of my friends are doing and one who is not just doing it for one month, but two. To be honest, it wouldn’t be worth my trying to do it as to be honest I can take or leave drinking alcohol. It’s nice to have a beer or glass of wine, but I could go a while without drinking. In fact I had one of those small one glass bottles of Jacob’s Creek and you know what? I wasn’t really fussed and although I finished it, I’m glad it wasn’t a whole bottle I had bought as I could have left it.Maybe it was because it was Jacob’s Creek? who knows but I certainly wasn’t fussed about it that’s for sure.

Something I did do though today and that was buy a bag of bananas and apples. Had bought bananas the other week, but havent had an apple for ages. Who knows, at this rate I might get a new pair of trainers and take up running…maybe one step at a time (no pun intended).

Anyway, that’s that for now and I shall be back soon with more musings. Till then, feel free to check out some blogs that my good friends write.

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old friends,new friends and fun time with Izzy

I There is nothing better than catching up with people you havent seen in a long time…well fourteen years is somewhat of a long time. Anyway, a chance conversation resulted in a table for two in Ty-8. Never been there before, been past it many of times, wondered what it would be like inside, but finally on Friday I managed to pay a visit. I have to say that I certainly wasnt disappointed. The food was great. Having been quite hungry before going out, by the time we had finished with a few dishes later, we were certainly stuffed. For those who are not aware of Ty-8, it’s a good little restaurant with its mix of Asian, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai dishes, with those suitable for vegetarians. The food came out cooked and hot and you knew that you certainly wouldnt be leaving with the inevitable appearance of food poisoning. Service was also good and I would highly recommend it.

Whilst it’s always good to catch up with old friends, its always good to expand your friendship circle. Have certainly done that recently as Ive met some great folk, with a great sense of humour to boot, always good when you are also on the same humour wavelength. These kind of friendly collisions can only end up heading towards much laughter at sometimes the most random and silliest of things out there.

Last weekend I spent some time with my lovely little niece Izzabella. I promised her earlier in the year that I would take her out. It doesn’t need much to entertain Izzy as she is great at entertaining herself. She is neither one for asking for great expensive things either. When I asked where she would like me to take her, she simply said, the park. How easy is that? So to the park and climbing trees and climbing frames, my Izzabella wasn’t impressed and told me to get down…seriously though in a day where it’s seemingly tv shows to watch, Izzy would rather be enjoying herself outside wherever that maybe. It’s a refreshing change and positive one at that. Now that we’ve ticked off local parks, adventures further afield for my mini adventurer and myself are on the cards.