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Blog naming, birthdays, egg v bread and future recruits

Well hello there. This is a brand new blog which will allow me to share my thoughts, opinions, musings, reviews, blogs to read etc. I hope to keep it updated regularly with various things, even possibly on a daily basis. This is likely to be random and crazy but hey, the quiet life isn’t quite the same. To be honest though, the planning and creation of this blog took some effort. Original blog name ideas were out of use whether it be blogger or WordPress. Even to the fact of using my first and second name didn’t bring much hope and it didn’t quite work as there were other inconsiderate bloggers called Matt Doy, who chose to take the blogging game.

So Monday, my good mate Darren messages me to confirm when my birthday is and checks that it is a week Friday, as he has ordered my present. Instead of me replying and saying yep, a week Friday, I actually had to check the calendar to confirm. Since when did that bloody happen. I used to get excited about the arrival of my birthday but now cant even remember which day it’s on. Safe to say it is a Friday…..I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. Just to add to the impending birthday delights, I was sitting on the loop bus (Thanet’s favourite nightmare journey) and I looked up and one of the adverts was for free health checks from the age of 40. Joy just what I have to look forward to. Also they are every 5 years apparently, that will be something to look forward to.

The way to a good office environment is to have good working relationships and banter. This is certainly the case where I work. Monday brought the office and surrounding departments a whole new level of discussion. Would we be discussing the latest tv viewing, the latest changes to policy? No, the great debate was which would fill you up more? An egg or a slice of bread. This brought much discussion and debate as a simple discussion evolved to was it white or brown bread, how did you eat the egg etc. Even stretching beyond to the Thanet office where the opinion was sought. I think egg was the winner in the end, but it did bring great amusement and discussion. Sadly one of the instigators, Becky will be leaving at the end of the week. Will not be the same and a little quieter, so Emily will have to raise the debate game even further. I may have to start watching Friends too, just to make sure that I can keep in touch with the banter lol. Maybe the employment requirements should include Friends and 24 along with the ability to ponder and ask random questions.We will have to wait and see in a few weeks time, when our new colleague starts. We will find out the nature of the new recruit. One thing that will be a bonus for the newbie is if they like cake and fudge and if they do, then they may very well need to throw that diet plan out the window or find themselves joining the merry band of runners from the Canterbury office.

So the inaugural posting of The Musings of Matt has completed its first outing, my bed beckons before I fall asleep on the laptop and look forward to the next instalment of the Musings of Matt Doy