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The Bell Inn Rings out again

When the Bell Inn in Minster closed back in January, a little bit of the village closed as well. Many friendships were made in that pub and many Friday nights enjoyed with friends and great music. The World didn’t end of course but it was not the same. We all went to different establishments wondering when and hoping it would reopen.

The weeks went past and people asked, but no one knew anything, that is apart from various rumours that flew around. As time progressed, a certain two people decided to take the plunge, with support they went for it and after various meetings , business plans back and forth their offer was accepted. The Bell Inn would be back and reopening.

The couple would be none other than our good friends and neighbours Mark and Sarah. Bell Inn regulars would often see Sarah behind the bar and Mark on the other side organising the music on a weekly basis. Now though friends and customers old and new, will see them both behind the bar, with support from a fab little team. It was kept a secret for various reasons as mostly there would be no point getting people’s hopes up, only to see them crushed if things didn’t go to plan.

It has been a pleasure to help in getting things ready along with others and now spreading the word to friends, regulars and those who haven’t been before. Not much will change as the food will continue to come out and I believe the famous Bell Burger will be on the menu. SO close to finishing but always beaten. There will though no doubt be some brand new additions but those that will highly compliment the menu.

There will be music once more and again organised by Mark. With word getting around days after Mark’s announcement, familiar old names have got in touch so expect to see some fine old Friday evenings full of beer and frivolity along with some new bands and singers.

Whilst the sun is out there will of course be the beautiful garden to enjoy whether it’s in the day time or the evening just before it gets dark. There will no doubt be other things that Mark and Sarah will introduce, but it’s all looking exciting.

There is no date announced as yet, but stay tuned and look out for a big announcement in the next few weeks.