US elections and Brexit

It’s been a crazy year for all manner of reasons and mostly because of the US presidential election campaign and the EU referendum and Brexit. Whilst 2016 will come to an end when the bells chime on midnight 1 January, the fallout from both situations will still be carrying on. The US Presidential Election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has to go down as one of the worst US elections that I can remember and probably of all time.

Where previous elections have been heated maybe and on policy the US election of 2016 has been nothing more than who is the lesser of two evils. Whilst Barack Obama no doubt had his faults, his election broke up the Clinton/Bush line that had previously dominated the White House. Now though we have Hillary Clinton who has been embroiled in controversy and Trump just the same but different trouble and allegations to boot.

Gathering from friends stateside it seems that people may well be voting for Hillary with whilst holding their noses as it were than to vote for Trump, who well has much to be desired. It would seem better the devil you know than the devil you dont.

As we all look in to the US Election it would seem that the US election has been nothing more than who is the least detestable. Few policies seem to be known, apart from maybe Trump’s wall and no Muslims allowed in America to that effect.

We shall find out the result on Wednesday and we will see the fallout over the coming days weeks and even months when in January either Clinton or Trump are formally made President of the United States of America.

So Brexit, ah dont you just love it or maybe you don’t.¬† Since the vote there has been a lot of unacceptable attitudes and opinions on both sides. Leave voters have either been accused of being racist, bigoted, morons, thick, stupid or idiots and people who voted remain thinking they were better than leavers. There are of course people who voted remain that have resisted the insults and patronising attitudes.Whilst sadly there have been elements of scum who have taken the opportunity¬† to make racist comments or attacks, these dont reflect the many decent genuine and law abiding citizens who based their vote to leave on EU related issues. Behaviour in other ways has also been unacceptable and not tolerated.

There have been many discussions and debates with opinions, claims and counter claims. Business has seen commitment to the UK despite the looming exit. Apple, Boeing (Announced pre Brexit), GlaxoSmithKline, Nissan, Adobe to name a few. Things maybe a little bumpy but the economy will recover, people might not believe it but the growth predictions put things in a positive light. No economy can ever be free from blips, but being in full control and being able to make decisions to aid that economy boost.

I personally voted leave, but respect people who voted to remain although disappointed when the personal and petty insults get thrown.


The odd one wont hurt – A political observation post

This blog post is one that will rarely be seen on my blog and that is one talks about politics. It’s been a busy period for politics as 5th May sees various elections take place. Whilst some will have council elections to vote in, others will have a chance to elect a mayor and many of the country will be voting for a Police and Crime Commisioner. Not only that there has also been the standoff between Jeremy Hunt and the BMA and something to do with some referendum coming up in June and the presidential candidate contests.

It seems for all the world that for all the government is seemingly doing wrong, apparently in the local elections, Labour could lose several councillors and even control of a few councils. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was quoted as saying that Labour wouldnt lose any council seats….That is something that no party can state. Whilst many councillors of all colours could have done a great job, nothing will stop the local electorate from kicking the councillor out, merely from just being associated with the party in question. Of course there will be councillors who totally deserve the kicking they receive at the ballot box. It will certainly be interesting to see the fall out from the counts over the next few days.

Thursday also sees the election of Police & Crime Commisionners. It is an idea that seems good, giving local accountability but it doesnt always seem to go to plan. Take Kent for example. Ann Barnes stood as an ‘independent’, but it seemed much afterwards that she was surrounded by Lib Dems together with a Lib Dem twitter account announcing her victory as one of theirs. Barnes was elected as something different from the main parties, but in turn her time appeared to be something more akin to an Armando Iannuci comedy. Several PR gaffes and ‘teen crime commisionner’ nightmares just showed the rest of the country how not to run as a P&CC.

So to the EU referendum that many thought would never happen, but here we are. The question has been decided, the IN and OUT campaigns truly running and the debates hitting the mainstream with the odd controversy thrown in. It has been an interesting debate so far which has seen many differing opinions but one of the things that really annoys me is some of the IN campaign. It seems 90% scaremongering and very little in the way of positive campaigning. We have seen things like threats of being out of pocket to the tune of ¬£4300 the OUTGOING US President stating that the UK would be at the back of the queue in trade deals…It’s not for him to say. Then of course the ‘Little Englander’ line being thrown about at those who dare to wish to see the UK leave the EU and the accusations of those wanting to vote leave being tarnished as racist. It is quite pathetic to be honest and it wouldnt be any wonder to see that more people would consider voting out. We are also told that many of the things that have happened, wouldnt have happened if it were not for the EU, that may or may not be the case but is it not possible for a government to introduce such things?

As I write this, the DoH and the BMA look like attempting more talks to resolve the Junior Doctor contract. Change and updating is something that even the BMA stated themselves. The problem is that it hasn’t quite gone to plan. Both sides seem to not want to budge from the discussion. Hopefully both sides will come to an agreement although it seems that elements of the BMA are seeing this as a battle on the NHS in general.

Finally in this little political blog, we have the US Presidential candidate race. If ever the Republican party wanted to avoid having a US president anytime soon, then allowing Donald Trump to have a chance of becoming the Republican candidate. The guy is either deluded and shot away or in fact a secret Democrat plant. Saying that though Hilary is no better. I guess having George W Bush as the US President doesnt seem that bad given all that there is to look forward to.

Well that’s been my more than likely solitary political post on my blog, but do feel free to comment. Till the next post, have fun and be happy.