Come in Number 13 – The New Doctor

It was a big day Sunday, the Wimbledon final where the amazing Roger Federer took to the grass court to win a record 8th title and Lewis Hamilton won a fifth British GP. That though for some was just a side show for the really big event, yes the announcement of the thirteenth doctor. We had been left wondering when the next one would be announced as it had seemed an age since Peter Capaldi announced he was calling time on his stint as the saviour from the planet Gallifrey.

Who would it be of course was the big question, Kris Marshall of My Family fame had quit his Death in Paradise show and it seemed that he was destined to become the next Doctor. Many a Doctor Who fan thought no no no, but it was still early days. Very few had been linked with the show which also probably didnt help. Then S*n newspaper if I recall correctly had called it that Marshall was the new doctor and had already been working on the new series. That for one thing was a pile of tosh. Of course though we shouldn’t have expected the truth to come from that rag.

We watched Series 10 knowing the inevitable was on the cards, we also wondered where and when the Doctor would regenerate but as time went on things started to take a direction. In the Monk storyline we had seen what appeared to be the Doctor beginning to regenerate after he was shot by Bill. This of course was a set up as Bill had fired blanks at the Doctor. On the otherhand was the regen start though really part of the set up or had his recent battles had an effect on his body. Had reading the book caused more than just the blindess, who knows.

As the series did continue, the names for the next doctor started to crop up. A varied number of actors were linked. Ben Wishaw and Richard Ayoade were high up the list but then a a few female names cropped up. Phoebe Waller-Bridge became favourite all of a sudden. What with the various comments made during the later episodes, were we about to finally see a female doctor. Waller-Bridge would have no doubt been a good option but it seemed that there were a number of things lessening the chance. She of course is part of the Han Solo story and will shortly be filming the second series of her comedy Fleabag. Then her agency was saying it was a definite no no given. Was this double bluffing? we didn’t know could they have bee diverting everyone away. They wouldn’t have been too popular with the BBC had they let slip.

The other female linked was the talented Olivia Colman. She had appeared in the opening episode of Matt Smith’s reign as the madman in the box. She could have managed to pull off appearing in the role as the Doctor but she too had projects that would affect filming of Doctor Who.

Still by this time some fans might have been getting nervous wondering whether the comments of a female future might have well been a misdirection. It would be another male actor surely, it could but then people were not enthused at the chances of the next Doctor being portrayed by Kris Marshall. So as the post Wimbledon analysis finished, BBC spors presenter informed us that it was now time for the reveal of the next doctor.

The trailer set in woodland had the individual walking through woodland, dressed all in black. The view of course either behind taking a look at the individuals feet. From this there was surely a very big clue that the new doctor was going to be female, even from the shoulders there was a hint of which sex the new doctor would be. The person finally comes to a halt and with hand out flat the key to the tardis materialises and we then see the new doctor reveal themselves and it’s a woman we find it to be Jodie Whittaker, the mother from the Broadchurch series. After all the talk of a possible female doctor which goes back three decades, we finally have a female doctor. At last a female doctor, something to really liven it up. For me there were other actresses I would have liked to have seen, but it’s certainly going to be interesting to see how a female doctor deals with such foes as the Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors. I wonder how Strax will take to the female Doctor.

If you had gone onto social media afterwards, well it was brace yourself. A mixture of opinion from all over the world that wanted to share their opinion and boy did the naysayers throw their toys out the pram. It was both funny and annoying at the same time. Funny that they could get so worked up about a fictional show and annoying that they just blamed it on the Political Correctness and Social Justice Warriors.

The American naysayers were the worst. Whilst there were many of our stateside chums totally embracing the fact that change was on the cards, there were those who just didnt see it. Here are some of the comments. Names witheld

“I am far more concerned about Chibnall and his series long story than I am a female Doctor.

But I despise the cancer that is political correctness which has driven this decision. It won’t affect my ability to enjoy the series, but I don’t have to be happy about the cause”.

“I don’t want to see a woman as Dr Who because it’s a male role, just like I don’t want to see a male actor playing Temperance Brennan. If you want a female time traveller write something new”

“Watch the originals. Men regenerated into other men. The women were able to choose what they looked like. I’m not happy with this choice. It has nothing to do with misogyny it’s because they are not keeping in touch with the older series”

“It looks like Dr Who is going the down the same “progressive” road as Marvel. I’m so disappointed that they’ve caved in to identity politics pushed by PC authoritarians. James Bond is next I guess”

“Dam liberals are ruining everything. First Ghostbusters and now this”

“Lol can’t wait until the ratings drop and you see what a mistake this is. I certainly won’t be watching this rubbish any longer. I’ll watch again when you bring back the REAL doctor 😊”

If it wasn’t tbose comments it was what is next Jane Bond amongst other male characters becoming female. They seemingly missed the point of the show and other characters.

Why a woman? a number of reasons, first off because the Time Lords don’t get too bothered about the sex of a person, secondly it’s been on the cards for not just in the past two doctors, remember Matt Smith initially wondering if he was a female. Not only that, the co creator Sydney Newman even said there should be a female doctor. Finally the doctor sometimes chooses a face from the past and if they keep Jodie’s hair colour as it is then there is one person who the doctor could choose is Kate Lethbridge-Stewart or known as Kate Stewart. Kate being the daughter of one Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. It could be a possibility but then it could very well just be not.

So finally we can say that whatever happens we’re in for an interesting journey. Theme tune and outfit to be decided and remember if you can deal with a fictional character 2,000 year old alien with two hearts, that travels  in a living spaceship but can’t hack said character turning into a woman, then maybe you should watch something else because it’s not about Political Correctness or the Social Justice Warriors.

So till the next blog post GEEEERRONIMMOOOOO!!!


Big screen to small screen -Movies to tv series

Having blown the dust off, here I am once more on the WordPress and with a new post, although I guess better than an old post. So there I was trawling through the tv listings and there was an advert for the Exorcist tv series. Now as anyone will know, the Exorcist is a classic film and I guess that although not having seen any episodes, I assume that it will loosely be based on the film? I’m sure someone will enlighten me. It got me thinking though, what other films could be converted to tv series (those that havent already).

First obvious one for me is Ghostbusters. It goes without shadow of a doubt that this could run as a successful tv series given the subject matter that it’s based on, with plenty of scope you could have a couple of seasons maybe. It would be interesting to see if it ever comes to fruition. I’d like to think it could involve some of the original cast as well as those from the latest film.

Before anyone mentions it, yes there was a cartoon series, which I enjoyed greatly, but I would love to see a live action series, who would feature, would there be appearances from the old cast or the female cast from the 2016 reboot, probably not but there are plenty of stars who could take up the mantle.

One Sci Fi film that could make a tv series is the Riddick Series. The film trilogy that featured Vin Diesel amongst other names such as Claudia Black, Karl Urban and Dame Judi Dench. The film series received mixed reviews. I personally only seen Pitch Black but enjoyed it. I could see the opportunity to see a sequel, but have yet to watch it or even the third one. It’s possible that my film loving cousin Jamie maybe tutting and shaking his head if and when he reads this.

The Public Enemies movie that featured Johnny Depp and Christian Bale could become a tv series. John Dillinger was the focus of the film and the tv series could be the lead up to the events that took place in the year leading up to his demise. Naturally the series would have pre determined conclusion, but the series would look at the depression era America and stories surrounding Dillinger and his surrounding entourage.

Moving to the zombie side of things. Before there was The Walking Dead, we had the films 28 days later and 28 weeks later. There had been talk of 28 months later, but that doesnt appear to be happening at the moment although there is possibly movement on the cards.

 If there is not going to be a third film, then a tv series on 28 months later could be on the cards. It would be tricky I guess though as we have seen the popularity of The Walking Dead. Would another zombie series be accepted and do well, or would it be time up for the zombie tv series genre. I guess only time will tell.

There are probably many other films that could turn into tv series, but it would be finding those in amongst films that haven’t already been made for tv.

WWE – It’s not fake, it’s just entertainment

The subject of WWE and wrestling being fake is something that always appears to rear its ugly head. As far back as the 80’s through the 90’s to current day, some people will always throw the lines that its pretend, not real, its fixed etc etc. There will always be people who continue to spout the tedious lines as though they actually have a point.

Im sorry to say that you are tediously boring and wrong. WWE is entertainment, it’s no more real than the misery of soaps such as Eastenders, Corrie and Hollyoaks. You will also find the majority of those who watch WWE know that the output is not real, Im sure that many a wrestling fan will be seen to roll their eyes upon hearing the fact that WWE or other professional wrestling organisations are fake. Wrestling fans will be the first to tell you that the events that unfold are merely storylines created by writers.

Some of the storylines maybe absolute crazy and unbelieveable, but correct me if Im wrong, was it not a storyline in Corrie that saw a campaign to free Deidre Barlow from prison. Yes a national campaign that saw it even result in the subject being brought up in the House of Commons. Yes that’s right, a matter that was so trivial that no one in their right mind would have contemplated getting worked up over, ended up as a question to the then Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The wrestlers that perform week in week out are entertainers, albeit athletic and sometimes bloody crazy. Whilst the outside stories maybe a little, the risks as the men and women do battle are all very real. Many stars have suffered injuries both life changing and non life changing. In 1997, Stone Cold broke his neck, 2001 Triple H tore a quad muscle, Droz who at the time was wrestling under a different name was involved in a move that went wrong and saw him paralysed, Joey Mercury ended up with a busted nose, Shawn Michaels with a back injury. Then of course in an indirect wrestling incident, the tragic loss of Owen Hart. These injuries and tragedies are the very reason why the WWE always state not to try this at home.