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Oh Danny Bhoy – We laughed a lot bar one miserable couple and Dreamland is back

Saturday night saw myself and my good friend Debz, headed off to catch the very funny comedian Danny Bhoy at the Gulbenkian Theatre in Canterbury. Having seen some of his stuff on the various stand up shows, Netflix was host to his gig in Canada. It had been a while since I had laughed so much. A chance look at the Gulbenkian listings for something else enabled us to discover that Danny Bhoy was on tour and at the Gulbenkian. Thing is though with just a few weeks till the gig, we never thought we would have a chance of tickets. How wrong we were, two seats acquired and a little over 2 hours of hilarious comedy in part not just to Danny Bhoy but to the audience members who added their witty comments added to the whole evening. Canterbury could not have brought to the gig, a wide range of audience members.

When it came to asking questions, someone asked if he would visit Sandwich, he thought we were having him on, then we added that next door to Sandwich was a place called Ham, safe to say but he really thought we were having a laugh… I say we because there was once couple that sat through it, barely breaking a smile. Very odd, because the rest of the audience were happily laughing. Surely you don’t just go to a gig without checking who you are going to see, surely you go on the basis that you are going because you like the act in question. Of course it is possible to find it not funny as we all have different humour levels, but when there appears only to be two people not laughing at anything in two hours, something really can’t be right.

Dreamland amusement park opened its doors again after what was a long hard battle by local people to get it back up and running. Years of hard work campaigning CPO and a legal battle finally paid off as the doors opened on 19th June. Not many people might have expected it or believed it would happen, but here we were seeing it open once again. Sadly not everything was open and some of it out of the organisation’s hands. Teething troubles are to be had, of course you are going to get people who are unhappy, It’s normal and human nature. Hopefully though as the issues get ironed out, all will be good and Dreamland will help to bring some positivity to Margate, a town that has in the last few years been in the news for all the wrong reasons.