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Dental appointments: Can it be that difficult

So last week I receive a letter from my dental surgery saying that I was due a routine check up. So today I phone up and eventually get through. I seem to be speaking to the worlds worst receptionist. Not only that possibly the worst dentist ever, which I thought couldn’t be possible. Previous dentist was only in Monday and Thursday. This new dentist is Monday and Friday, ooh the agony of choice. Anyway, eventually after being put on hold as the woman pretends that she knows what she is doing I get given a time.

A few minutes later I realise that the time isn’t suitable after all and so phone back. Not fortunate to get the lady I spoke to previously, I find myself talking to the soon to be crowned, worlds worst receptionist. Giving my date of birth I thought could never be that difficult..oh how wrong was I. I got August, I got the birth year of 1937. This was after she said this was the first time….The best bit was still to come as she asked when was best for me. I said well my dentist is only in Monday and Friday, to which she replied oh he’s in every day, do you not want to see him. I replied a bit surprised, not its fine.

It seems that somewhere along the line, someone has screwed up. Either the first receptionist got it wrong, or the second one did and the person they will be expecting will not be me. So she named a date, 8th October, oh that’s today. I mean really? Where do they find these people. Eventually I get given the 17th of October, I was relieved that such simple request could be over after having taken so long.

Now though I wait for the fun. My practice operates a text reminder service, so I will be waiting with interest either tomorrow or Friday to see whether I get a reminder. That’s of course unless someone else gets a reminder they aren’t expecting.