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Self respect or the fashion crime

My various walks into town the last couple of weeks of a lunchtime have brought many good things, but one thing I have noticed is that some Canterbury college students seem happy to destroy any credibility and self respect in an attempt to look cool.

Sadly it would appear that they seem to be a tad blinkered when it comes to looking in the mirror before leaving the house, either that or their friends and family take great joy at the abysmal attempt at styling.

If it’s not the clothing it’s the ‘haircuts’, some styles just don’t look right on certain people and sad to say the extremely larger members of society. Would it not be better to have something that suits rather than gives an opportunity  for people to look in disbelief, because ultimately no one wants to see the overhang trying to make Itself known to the public.

Some things are best kept hidden away for all our sakes. It may very well be the 21st century, but self respect is something that doesn’t disappear.

Of course whilst the young generation can be making a complete pigs ear of their styling attempt, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for the the older generation to have its say. Dying your hair a multitude of colours, wearing clothes for those 30 years younger is not good, it’s not pleasant and in fact cringeful at times. The same with the make up, unfortunately there’s no amount of make up that can reduce your senior appearance. Making yourself look like a walking London Underground map is completely undignified and a sad outlook.  You had your time, let someone else enjoy it.