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Films TV & Music of 77 – Flashback40

I may have entered the world close to the end of the year, but I have to say it was most definitely a fine year for film and music. The notable films from that year are of course Star Wars: A New Hope, Close Encounters of The Third Kind and Saturday Night Fever, but 1977 was one that saw a wonderful collection of different film genres.

It appeared to be comedy, action and Sci Fi in 1977 with an odd horror film thrown in.  A Bridge Too Far, even Smokey and the Bandit was a hit in the states grossing second in the top ten films, surprisingly beating Close Encounters.

Ray Harryhausen’s talents were shared once more in Sinbad and The Eye of The Tiger. Eye of The Tiger was the third outing in the film franchise. Another film making its third outing in its Franchise, was Aiport 77. The final film sees a private 747 being hijacked before crashing into the sea in the Bermuda Triangle area. The year wouldn’t be the same without a Bond film and 77 had its turn with Roger Moore returning in the The Spy Who Loved Me.

If adventure appealed to you in 1977, you would have been rewarded with some fine films. Jabberwocky, Pete’s Dragon, Gulliver’s Travels and The Man in The Iron Mask.

Horror fans had a fair few films to enjoy, some well known and some not so well known. The Hills have Eyes, Exorcist II, The Child, EraserHead and The Island of Doctor Moreau.

So if people weren’t going to the cinema, they were more than likely watching tv and in the late 70’s there were many things to enjoy, some already on tv included favourites such as Corrie, Match of the Day, Blue Peter, Crackerjack, Doctor Who, to name but a few. There were some making their debut,  The guys at Ci5 and the Professionals were starting their time on tv, Krypton Factor with Gordon Burns that saw many sitting watching contestants carrying out various challenges and of course everyones favourite outtake show (well maybe not everyones) It’ll be Alright On The Night started its journey entertaining us with bloopers from various tv shows.

It was quite a year in the world of music, great albums, singles and sadly some big names departing the world. Whilst I will take a look at albums and singles separately, there were a lot of moments that took place. Some good, some crazy and then the music stars that passed away.

Kicking off 1977 in a punk rock stylee were The Clash. They were playing at the opening night of The Roxy, the short lived punk rock club. The Sex Pistols kicked off a long and controversial year. One single down and EMI terminate the contract after band members behaviour at Heathrow at the start of January. Never fear A&M to the rescue….or maybe not. On 10 March they sign the band in front of Buckingham Palace and six days later its game over. Band members behaviour towards staff sees the end of another deal.

The Sex Pistols get signed up by Virgin Records in May and last longer than six days. They didnt even get fired for trying to interrupt the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. Their album Never Mind The Bollocks, here’s the Sex Pistols got to number one in October despite major retailers refusing to stock it.

Of course it wasnt just about the Sex Pistols in 77. The B-52s were making their first public performance. Yes they have been around that long. Fleetwood Mac released the album Rumours and what an album that was, still strong 40 years after its release.

Having been the victim of a technicians strike in April, the 22nd Eurovision Song Contest took place. France beat off the UK and Irish entries to win.

The second half of the year saw death and accidents. Grateful Dead drummer Micky Hart survives driving his Porsche off a canyon, injuries to Joe Perry and Steve Tyler from an explosive see a number of dates cancelled. A plane carrying the band Lynyrd Skynrd crashes. It kills lead singer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Zaines, backing vocalist Cassie Gaines and assistant road manager Dean Kilpatrick. Others are seriously injured. It spelled the end for the band, who had hits Sweet Home Alabama and Freebird until they reformed in the late 80’s.

On the 16th August The King Elvis Presley was dead. He was found at is home in Graceland. It was because of his death that my mum gave me my middle name Aron, which was the same as Elvis, not sure that my mum was a big fan of his though. Presley’s passing wasnt the only death of a great. Marc Bolan of T Rex was killed in a car crash he was only 29.

It was Bing Crosby’s final Christmas show in 1977, but it did include the iconic duet of Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy with David Bowie.

December 77 saw Elvis Costello make his US debut and having decided to change a song, found himself banned, quite some way to go to be honest.

Over the year of 1977 many a musical act were making their way into the music scene. Adam and The Ants, The Buggles, Def Leppard, Dire Straits, The Human League,INXS,Martha and The Muffins and Men Without Hats were just some starting off 40 years ago. The Cars, Police and Van Halen also signed deals with their respective record companies.

Well that end the look at 1977. What a year for entertainment it was. Still to come will be the years 87, 97, 2007 with a few other flashback years to come.

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WWE – It’s not fake, it’s just entertainment

The subject of WWE and wrestling being fake is something that always appears to rear its ugly head. As far back as the 80’s through the 90’s to current day, some people will always throw the lines that its pretend, not real, its fixed etc etc. There will always be people who continue to spout the tedious lines as though they actually have a point.

Im sorry to say that you are tediously boring and wrong. WWE is entertainment, it’s no more real than the misery of soaps such as Eastenders, Corrie and Hollyoaks. You will also find the majority of those who watch WWE know that the output is not real, Im sure that many a wrestling fan will be seen to roll their eyes upon hearing the fact that WWE or other professional wrestling organisations are fake. Wrestling fans will be the first to tell you that the events that unfold are merely storylines created by writers.

Some of the storylines maybe absolute crazy and unbelieveable, but correct me if Im wrong, was it not a storyline in Corrie that saw a campaign to free Deidre Barlow from prison. Yes a national campaign that saw it even result in the subject being brought up in the House of Commons. Yes that’s right, a matter that was so trivial that no one in their right mind would have contemplated getting worked up over, ended up as a question to the then Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The wrestlers that perform week in week out are entertainers, albeit athletic and sometimes bloody crazy. Whilst the outside stories maybe a little, the risks as the men and women do battle are all very real. Many stars have suffered injuries both life changing and non life changing. In 1997, Stone Cold broke his neck, 2001 Triple H tore a quad muscle, Droz who at the time was wrestling under a different name was involved in a move that went wrong and saw him paralysed, Joey Mercury ended up with a busted nose, Shawn Michaels with a back injury. Then of course in an indirect wrestling incident, the tragic loss of Owen Hart. These injuries and tragedies are the very reason why the WWE always state not to try this at home.

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Movies Movies Movies

The Carlton in Westgate is slowly becoming a second home, not that Im complaining of course. The second half of 2015 saw as many visits to the cinema as the previous year what with Star Wars, Mission Impossible and others. It’s so easy when a trip to the cinema  can cost around a tenner for two tickets pop corn and a drink (The combo). It’s even better when you can book tickets ahead so there is little disappointment.

In 2016 though, we’ve already managed to chalk up four visits and it’s still early February. The Hateful Eight, which wasnt too bad once it actually got going, it was just so slow to start with. The Revenant was next and this one was a great film to watch. Leonardo Di Caprio was truly on form in this movie and was great from start to finish. If this doesnt get him an Oscar, I really do not know what will because it certainly deserves one.

The Fifth Wave featuring Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass) is a sci fi film based on the books by Rick Yancey. It’s based on human survival after several waves of wiping out the human race. Moretz plays her role well and with the run of films lined up, it will be a busy year for the youngster who has built up a vast array of movies in her career.

There are several visits to the cinema still to come and 2016 is certain to be a bumper year especially with the spin off Star Wars movie due out just before Christmas.

Whichever film you choose to see this year, do go along to the Carlton where the seats are cheap and you can pick yourself up a loyalty points card.

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Christmas festivities

Well a Happy New Year to my followers and readers, hope you all had a fab time. For me it was a busy but fun time split between friends and family. It was quite a fab time, lots of laughs, socialising and fun. Plenty of food but not so much in the way of alcohol, but you don’t need to drink loads to enjoy yourself….god I’m sounding old.

Anyway, it was a special Christmas, it was the first Christmas of many that I would be spending with my lovely girlfriend Emma. It had been a long time since I had felt this excited about Christmas, but hey why not, Christmas comes but once a year. With all our shopping done before Christmas Eve, it was time to chill and relax and a visit to a pub was much required. Whilst of course the weather has been far from what we are used to for the festivities, it couldnt stop the The Bell Inn down in Minster, from having an open and roaring fire.

Christmas Day had arrived and for whatever reason, it felt like it should be the weekend, it wasnt but not far off. I dont know what it is about this time of year that makes you forget which day of the week it is. It wasnt a white one, chances of that ever happening were extremely rare. It was miserable weather wise, but who cared. Being surrounded by some of the important people in your life is always going to make things better whatever maybe happening outside.

A nice post Christmas dinner walk in the afternoon to burn the calories off and before we knew it the evening was here and Emma and I were chilling watching various things, including the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which, was not quite up with those of Christmas Specials gone by, but hey its a staple part of Christmas tv.

Boxing Day brought more fun as we took presents to my folks to give out to my niece and nephew, is there anything more enjoyable than seeing younger members of the family excited as they unwrap presents? Very pleased with what they received, I dont think we could have done a better job at delivering on behalf of Santa Claus. My nephew has decided that he is no longer known as Father Christmas but as Santa. He’s only 4 so he can choose to call him what he likes.

Another visit to other family members brought the shenanigans to a close, but the New Year was still to be enjoyed

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End of an era – Goodbye Apple

Dont panic lovers of Apple, they haven’t closed down or anything. Im sure if they had, there would be nothing else being talked about on Facebook.  This blog post is about ending my time with Apple.

I had attempted to never have an apple phone, but on a visit to Carphone Warehouse I ended up coming out with an Iphone 3GS. It seemed a good idea at the time. My current phone needed changing and it was time to move forward. Owning the Iphone 3GS was an ok phone but quite basic. I had weirdly enough stated no that long before, that I wouldnt get an Iphone, famous last words as usual.

Two years went by and it was time for an upgrade. I was sticking with an Iphone and a move to the Iphone 5. The handset died just before the warranty was up. It wouldnt switch on. I sent it to O2 to see if they could repair it. They sent it back saying they couldnt find a fault. This was quite amusing seeing as it wouldnt switch on. I took it to the o2 store where they found the same. A trip to Bluewater and the Apple Store saw a new handset. All seemed well and then it started to play up. As many fellow Apple owners will know, the battery doesnt last very long.

My contract expired and I decided not to upgrade my phone and instead get a sim only deal. I added a shiny Samsung Tablet to the collection. i carried on and having thought that I couldnt upgrade,. My excellent girlfriend got me to have a look at seeing if I could upgrade. I looked and I could. I am now the owner of a nice and shiny HTC One Nine. It’s very handy to be able to link up with my tablet through my google account and find stuff on my tablet to be downloaded onto my phone if I wanted.

It’s so nice to have a phone with a battery that lasts all day without needing to charge. I have a handset that sees the battery at around 30% ten hours after taking it off charge.

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It’s getting closer

Well here we are it’s December and that can mean just one thing…there are double digit days till Christmas. Usually by now it’s turned a little chilly and it really feels like the approach to that fine season of goodwill, but so far it’s been quite pleasant. There is of course plenty of time to change and boy it can change quite quick as we know.

I am quite organised on the shopping front too, that though is partly down to Emma. Shopping for my niece and nephew is done, parents presents are on pre order and so it’s just the remaining  presents for Emma along with some friends that are left to purchase.

No surprise though that much of my purchasing has been via the Internet. That may change or may stay the same depending on what I need to buy. I love to hit the shops but when you see an online bargain, it’s impossible to ignore. Saying that though battling through the crowds in Canterbury and Westwood Cross is an impossible challenge.

Whilst the shopping and crowds are not my enjoyable pastimes, Christmas this year will be a lot of fun spending it with my awesome girlfriend, seeing my lovely family and spending time with Emma’s lovely family.

At the start of the year I’d never have expected the year to take the way it has, but Christmas and seeing in 2o16 will be fantastic as we see the New Year in London and hoping that the coming year is a better one.

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The Caboose Cafe – Ramsgate

Last Saturday, along with some delightful company, I paid a second visit to The Caboose Cafe and Bar. You can certainly do no wrong in visiting this place. It is intimate and very unimposing, the atmosphere is pleasant with music playing in the background. The staff are great and always will come over and ask if you would like a drink before choosing the food. There are of course many of us who always find it difficult to choose from such lovely choices and there is no pressure to order straight away.

There are various meals and you wont be disappointed to hear that the breakfast is served till five, you can get various sandwiches, wraps and the like. They also have various things that happen in the evening. On my second visit I had a BLT sandwich. By no exaggeration, the BLT prepared at the Caboose, is one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever had. The bacon is freshly cooked to order and the aroma that comes from the kitchen is just so enjoyable. Next time I’m in there though it’s got to be the full on bacon sandwich. Whilst in the day you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a bite to eat, from Wednesday evening to Friday evening you can find yourself immersed in the taste of Mexico. On a Friday and Saturday evening you can find yourself there till 11 with a mixture of entertainment.

They have a website Caboose Cafe, you can find their page on facebook Caboose Facebook. Be sure to visit, you wont regret it.

Mike, Georgia and the staff will be very happy to see you.